Davey D on Kanye West’s stage rush

Hip hop journalist, historian and grassroots community activist Davey D put up the most interesting thing I’ve seen about Kanye West’s stage rushing antics at the MTV Video Music Awards.

He talks about it had the fingerprints of an engineered stunt all over it, aimed at gaining publicity not just for himself but the corporations behind him and the awards themselves. He links these tactics to the same PR and advertising campaigns that are being used politically to undermine Obama’s health care plans. (And indeed the same companies have used the same tactics to overthrow governments across the former USSR and Eastern Europe.)

Like it or not in 2009, notoriety works and unchecked disruptions, outbursts and controversial statements and gestures are the order of the day especially if you need to do a little bit of ’social engineering’. Kanye rushing the stage at the VMAs was no different than the idiot congressman from South Carolina, Joe Wilson calling President Obama a liar during his speech the other night. It was no different then last month’s so called ’spontaneous’ shouting matches and YouTube ready disruptions during Democratic sponsored healthcare townhall meetings around the country. . .

I guess the bigger and more somber picture to all this is how we are constantly being manipulated. It may start somewhat harmlessly with Kanye West-like stunts at MTV but then it leads up to ’staged’ outburst by ’upset’ lawmakers during a Presidential speech. All of it corporate sponsored and all of this is part of a larger pattern to dumb down the masses and keep a population ill-informed. In the business we call it learned behavior and it allows for people to be easily duped and eventually pimped.

Something to ponder.

Read the rest at Davey D’s blog:

The phony, corporate sponsored outbursts of Kanye West and Joe Wilson.

EDIT-I just wanted to add a little about the less fake wave of outrage that has accomanied this fake incident.

I still think that the stage rush was a stunt and probably planned. But leaving that to one side for a moment, Kanye West deserves to be defended against the kind of unbridled racist hatred he’s faced since the incident.

There’s a hell of a lot of people out there getting far more worked up about this than some stupid award ceremony justifies. The underlying subtext is how dare he threaten a white woman in this way.

Comments on twitter such as “Kanye West is a N**ger! He makes you all look bad!” give us an idea what’s really look bad. The commenter is wrong-people like them make white Americans look bad. Really, really bad.


One Response to “Davey D on Kanye West’s stage rush”

  1. Andy Bowden Says:

    Kanye West is so much more awful than a colour revolution to be fair, I’d give up all the gains of the planned economy just for him to stfu.

    Get these articles on the Leftfield blog as well!

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