More free advertising

I was searching for musical maps this morning, and came across this. It’s a map of the world where you can click on lots (but not all) of the countries and see their top artists and albums.

It’s not quite as good as I thought it was originally, because it isn’t the actual charts. It’s a map produced by the company Gracenote, who have an extensive online database of music that people can search for. From what I can see this is where the information for the top artists and albums is compiled from. However, if you give it a go, you’ll find that clicking on a place you’re not familiar with does produce artists you’re not familiar with, even if most countries also include a fair share of your Michael Jacksons and Britney Spears. (Apparently Ministry of Sound are a top artist for Saudi Arabia, so there you go.)

As an example of finding out about new stuff, here’s someone I’d never heard of before that I got by looking at Hawaii (in the US you can break it down by state.)

I have spent ages seeing if there was a way I could embed the flash app on my blog so you could just look at it here, but I don’t think there is. So yet again, here I am sending more free advertising traffic over to a private company’s site. Oh well.


One Response to “More free advertising”

  1. Cool stuff is cool stuff, don’t sweat it dude!

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