Lowkey on defending Muslim communities

Just found a speech by the rapper Lowkey, who’s also a political activist on top of being a great MC. After a weekend spent chasing after the racist, anti-Muslim “Scottish” Defence League in Edinburgh, seems a good time to post it.

Lowkey has to be one of the greatest rappers consistently talking about important political issues in the UK, if not in hip hop generally. You can get his 2009 album ‘Dear Listener,’ here, it’s definitely one of my top listens of last year.

To give you an idea of some of the stuff he’s got to say, here’s a couple of tunes:


3 Responses to “Lowkey on defending Muslim communities”

  1. I’m sorry but I still maintain that that palestine tune is fucking wack

  2. What about the Realtives one? That is solid. You should download the album and give it a listen.

  3. The man’s got shit flow and dull beats

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