About this blog

Fatcatsbiggafish is about music across our world, and our future. Our aim is to explore the ways in which new technology and social change are bringing together the different cultures and peoples of the world, as globally human civilisation becomes more urban, the unequal division of wealth increases poverty, and as people cope with climate change and ecological collapse. We think that, globally, different forms of music and cultural expression are giving a voice to the massive processes of social change that are taking place. Hip hop, house music, kwaito and baile funk to name a few are the soundtracks to a transformation of the human world, and technological advance means that these different forms are increasingly coalescing with each other.

So although we’re primarily about music, that’s at least in part so we can use music to understand what’s happening on our planet. So posts will also cover politics, new technology, social change and whatever else we think is relevant. Fundamentally we’re interested in understanding what the future holds, and how society is going to change in the 21st century.

The outlook of the blog is unashamedly political. We believe a socialist/ecological transformation of society is necessary for the future survival of human civilisation. But partying is also about politics, and we believe in the freedom of music and culture, and its central part in building a better world.

If that sounds a bit pretentious and vague, it probably is. Most of the posts probably won’t conform to what’s been written here. But it kind of expresses the guiding ideas behind setting the blog up, and hopefully having the plan will help make it interesting and useful.

As for why it’s called fatcatsbiggafish, here’s the classic track from one of the greatest political hip hop groups of all time, The Coup:

P.S. Please note we don’t have a rapidshare account or anything like it, and we don’t upload torrents. Any links to downloads posted here are found through google searching, and we take no responsibility for the upload of any content to the internet-we’re just showing you where it is is all. 😉


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