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Sounds of the Planets

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , on January 11, 2010 by Jack

Here’s something pretty cool I was shown over the holidays. Youtube has several different clips of sounds that have been recorded by NASA probes in proximity to several different planets of the Solar System. These aren’t sounds that you would hear by sticking a microphone out in orbit, but rather are the electromagnetic “sounds” given off by the planet, recorded and then translated into a frequency audible to humans.

Here’s the Earth first of all:

But if you’d like to compare how we sound, a small rocky world covered with oceans of liquid water, to Jupiter, a gigantic world of gas with no solid surface, where hydrogen is eventually compressed into liquid then plasma, where winds traveling at thousands of miles per hour are part of centuries old storms which are bigger than Earth, then here’s 10 minutes of its full creepy glory:

Interestingly, these sounds all seem to originate on the site of a sound therapy guy, Dr Jeffrey Thompson, who claims to be able to use them to improve people’s health. He’s got a big archive on what I suspect is an old site of his here.