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Sorry, but this is pretty amazing

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , on October 9, 2009 by Jack

I feel really dirty promoting an advertising campaign on my blog. It’s exactly so people like me would write about it and generate traffic online that this was done. But nontheless, it’s pretty cool.

For three days, starting at the end of September, Sony’s ad agency transformed the Icelandic town of Seyðisfjörður into a giant soundsystem.

With the consent of the townspeople, they installed a massive array of speakers allowing you to hear music pretty much anywhere you went in the town.

The point of all this is to get people on to the Sony site and reading about their passion for sound and building incredibly good speakers. Well, pain me as much as it does, it’s worked, here’s the Soundville site where you can find out more about the project.

The point about mentioning it for me is that, firstly, it is a worthy aim to be building ever better and more powerful speakers, even if done by a for-profit multinational.

But more importantly, this is a really inspirational project. Imagine the concept applied in other contexts. I don’t think you could have a permanent community organised on this basis, but what about temporary towns flung up for week long parties? Or a village where you had to opt in or out to live there? Or a nomadic group of people that were able to take this kind of setup around the place to give a town a period of total music?

If you got some cool design people working with you to create easily put up and custom built buildings for a sound town imagine how cool a space you could create.

Basically I’m just itching to see people take this idea further. In the meantime, here’s the video they made of the project: